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-Mary Jean “MJ” Lastimosa (Miss Universe Philippines 2015)

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-Tegan Martin (Miss Universe Australia 2015)

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-Pallavi Gungaram (Miss Universe Mauritius 2015)

-Nevin De Maurice (Coach of Miss Universe Mauritius 2014)

imagesOne of the most awesome human beings I have had the pleasure to meet in my life. We love you Kirsten Regalado you are a gift and a blessing to everyone who has the fortune to meet you.
– Angel Pierini (Founder, Miami’s Best Workshop)

imagesI was honored to wear such a beautiful and unique Filipiniana gown designed by Kirsten Regalado during the evening wear portion. Kirsten Regalado is a talented designer and an inspiring mentor who has taught me step out of my comfort zone and embrace my talents.
– Katrina San Juan(Miss Miami 2014 , Miss FMS Florida, Philippines 2014)

imagesI’ve worked with Kirsten for 10 years now and her designs have always left me speechless. As a pageant competitor, it is so important to have a design that understands fabric, how it falls and how the design of the dress will compliment the person wearing it. Kirsten’s designs have certainly done that and more. She is passionate about what she does and pays attention to detail. I believe that there are very few wardrobe designs that take their craft as seriously as Kirsten does. She is a wonderful designer and friend!
– Vania Mercedes Pedraja(Miss Corral Gables, USA 2011 Miss Sunset and Miami Teen USA)

imagesKirsten is a “Fantastic Designer” and “PERSON” She is simply the best at what she does.She is an “Outstanding Mentor” for any mothers daughter. She is the most kindest, and giving person you could meet. She is a true gift from GOD if you have the pleasure to work with her and all of her team. Good luck to you in any venture you take on, I am positive you will excell in anything you choose to do. I have enjoyed working with you in the past and look forward to working with you in the future.
– Kathy Friederich Godwin

imagesThank you so much for everything you have done for me. I’m so glad for this whole experience. Not just the dresses & jewelry but , the people I’ve met, the lessons I’ve learned, and opportunities I’ve had is what I’m most thankful for.
– Alexia Lipman , Miss Sun Coast Teen USA 2016

imagesMy name is Hannah Elisha, I am 13 years old, when I grow up I want to be a Kirsten Regalado. It is INDEED a great honor and a sweet privilege to wear a Kirsten Regalado gown on different pageant and events at this very early age. Ms Kirsten did not only design my gown she also taught me to be self confident and to overcome my fear. I am so blessed to know her. I am completely and greatly surprised to watch her with her design and wardrobe collection before my eyes. Her meticulous work blows my mind. She is also very much involved in charitable work. This is Hannah and I approve this message. Did I already tell you that I wanna be a Kirsten Regalado when I grow up?
– Hannah Elisha Mbetewa

imagesI have worked with Kirsten on Numerous occasions as a Makeup Artist and have had the most Fun and Great experiences on the Sets. Kirsten is by Far the most Innovative and Appealing Designer / Stylist/ Entrepreneur in Today’s Society. She Loves People and Loves what she is doing. It shows in the way she handles herself and how she relates to people. Her Products are second to none… She is Blessed with Skilled Hands and a Mind to Create Works of Art. It is my Good pleasure to Know Some one who is Real/ Truthful/ Reliable/ Dedicated to soo many Causes, such as The Pageants, Missions work in the Philippines/ Local Groups/ Empacting the lives of the Young and Young at Heart…
– Maureen Allon (Professor, Miami Dade College Master Make up artist)

imagesGood luck Kirsten! Thank you so much for making me shine and feel the most beautiful when I was crowned as Mrs. Philippines FL 2014 and with my two beautiful daughters Little Princess Palm City 2014 and FMFS Teen Philippines 2014. It was such a wonderful experience for us. We love our gowns so much such a fabulous and fun designs. More power and God bless you.
– Claudina Kennedy (Mrs. Philippines Florida 2014)

imagesShe has been dressing my Miss Cubas for the past 3 years. Her designs has brought us so much luck. Winning 2 international crowns. She is the best designer in pageantry.
– Noemi Melendez (Executive Director)

imagesIt is a pleasure and honor to speak of my great friend Mrs. Kirsten Regalado, for she is someone who knows the true meaning of Community Service. Not only is she an amazing and talented designer whose gowns truly define couture, class, and excellence in workmanship, but she consistently gets involved in all kinds of fund raisers and community service projects to benefit the needy. As the reigning Mrs. Miami Tropic International she has truly raised the bar for title holders in all systems to really get involved in their communities and make a difference. I got to learn about the Circle of Friends thru Kirsten, and I’m happy to have participated in one of their events. It is comprised of a group of people with a big heart who gather together and contribute their time and finances to help the less fortunate–they find ways to give back to their community in gratitude for their blessings and accomplishments in this great country. Kirsten is truly an example of an accomplished designer, entrepeneur, wife, and mother…she wears many hats and all of them with grace, beauty and poise. She is truly a remarkable woman!
– Terri Montesino (Mrs worldwide International 2014)

imagesWell i’d like to start off by saying that Kirsten Regalado is an amazing person with a beautiful talent and beautiful/amazing heart. Kristen did not only help me with chosen an amazing beautiful dress for states as Miss Coral Gables OT 2013 but also with being confident in myself and believing in who I am. Kirsten is not only an amazing designer she is also an amazing mentor, As someone that is new into the “pageant life” Kirsten took me under her wing. She helped me develop my walk into a fierce pageant queen also into being confident in my interviews. The greatest thing about Kristen is that when looking for a gown Kristen helps you defined yourself in that gown, Kristen really helps you look for a dress that will help your inner and outer beauty stand out more then it already does. Also Kirsten makes it feel like home in her office, with Kirsten Regalado you do not only fine beautiful dresses but a long lasting friendship with her. Kirsten also has many events and is always thinking about her Queens, with Kirsten you don’t ever have to feel shy she helps you be yourself around her. I was blessed with a beautiful gown and friendship I am very excited to see what the future brings and what lovely, gorgeous dresses she will be making next.
– Ivette Santiesteban (Miss Coral Gables Outstanding Teen 2013)

imagesI met Kirsten Regalado through pageantry when I ran for Miss Miami Teen USA 2013. She has been a mentor that has inspired me to be more successful. Through Kirsten’s involvement with different organizations and charities, I have been able to better serve my community.

Kirsten has taught me public speaking and exceptional morale ethics. She is a successful business woman and a great individual with a huge heart. I am blessed to have her in my life. I will always be thankful for the time I spend with her.
– Yarelyz Marie Truffin (Miss Miami Teen USA 2013)