About Us


Inspired by her vision where fashion and personality meet, designer Kirsten Regalado extends her selective custom design fashion, clothing and accessories to meet the demands of the modern fashionable woman.

Kirsten first made her mark in the heart of South Florida by incorporating traditional Philippine fabrics and styles into contemporary designs. Now she has extended her couture line to emphasize on the elaborate designs of pageant gowns, formal dresses and bridal couture.

Kirsten Regalado Fashion is a must have for any woman that looks for exotic, one-of-a-kind pieces. Its designs and creations have become choice of clienteles in celebrity markets. Customized formal gowns are making their debut all throughout the community. From the stage of Miss Florida pageant to the church aisle of the traditional wedding, Kirsten Regalado Fashion is unique, versatile and a must for a modern woman in a fashionable world.